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2 Section Trade Extension Ladder

179.00435.00 Plus vat

Dublin Ladders sell Extension ladders throughout Ireland and N.I. for all
trades and applications and for all types of Houses and industrial &
Commercial buildings. Extension ladders are an essential safety tool for
working at elevated heights. Therefore, you should always buy a good
quality ladder and it should always be certified. You can choose from a host
of well-respected brands such as LFI, LYTE, Stradbally, Werner, Clow,
Waku, Svelt, Tubesca-Comabi & Zarges. All our brands are fully
guaranteed by Dublin Ladders. Check out our ranges of 2 section trade
ladders & 3 section trade ladders below.
An Aluminium Extension ladder with chunky stiles [sides] and a bit of
weight indicates that the ladder is generally of good quality. When buying a
ladder, always ensure that the ladder is suitable for the type of work or
trade. Be conscious of height requirements, storage dimensions and
possible hazards in your profession, such as electricity. Dublin ladders
offer a vast range of Trade, Professional & Domestic [or light trade]
extension ladders, in single, double and triple section. We stock hundreds
of ladders ranging from 12 to 33 foot.  Most of our ladders are fitted with
bottom stabilizers, but you can also buy these stabilizers as a separate item,
and at very reasonable prices. Our trade ladders are tested and certified to
EN131-2 professional standard, and are built with high quality aluminium
to last a lifetime of arduous work. Using a low weight-to-strength ratio, all
ladder sizes can be easily handled by one person.  Safety is achieved and
guaranteed by installed stabilisers and section locks.  All our ladders are
guaranteed for 3 years.  Our staff will help your selection and with any
technical questions.

Our Dublin Ladders ELT range of extension ladders (Super-Trade Plus
Ladder) are EN131-2 certified extension ladders for professional, trade and
domestic use, made from lightweight, but super-strong aluminium.
Available as a single pole ladder, double-section extension ladder or triple-
section extension ladder, this professional extension ladder is fitted as
standard with a stabiliser bar which offers a maximum load and duty rating
of 150kgs and an extended reach of up to 10m.

The ELT extension ladder has been created with large 32mm serrated
trilobular [D-Shaped] ladder rungs, with a 3-way crimp & swage design,
that is also orientated flat when the extension ladder is erected by the user
at the correct climbing angle. This gives the ELT extension ladders superior
durability and comfort when the user is working at height.
The ELT extension ladder also comes with deeply serrated rubber feet to
offer maximum grip on all surfaces. Our heavy-duty galvanised steel
locking ladder catches add extra security. This ELT range of extension
ladders also comes with a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
Safety first! Always remember the 4 in 1 Rule. E.G., for a 8 metre height,
the ladder needs to be 2 metres out from the wall.
We will deliver your ladder to your doorstep within 48 hours. Simply
order & pay online via our secure shopping cart or ring PJ or Dave on 01-
8222855. All ladders in stock. All ladders ready for immediate delivery.

Dublin Ladders always offer safe ladder solutions, not cheap or un-certified
DIY products!