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Waku Ladders:

These ladders are the backbone of nearly every trade in Ireland; versatile, strong & dependable. They have often been copied and sold as cheaper products but every trades-person knows the original Waku. Operating in several modes, lean-to ladder, A-Frame ladder & stairwell ladder, these units play a unique role in health & safety in all aspects of Irish industry and construction. Waku ladders are renowned worldwide for providing safe, long-life service.  These units are made in Germany by Zarges and are imported into Ireland by Dublin Ladders.  We are large stockists of all sizes and we are generally 20-30% cheaper than our nearest rivals.  Delivery is made within 24 hours.  Guaranteed for 5 years

Waku Ladders

Waku Ladders

375.00599.00 Plus vat

Ladder Accessories

Waku112 Extension

185.00 Plus vat