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Domestic extension ladders:

Ladders are an essential part of the household tool kit.  They provide safety for window cleaning, painting or gutter cleaning. Like trade ladders, domestic [light trade] ladders should be certified to EN131-2 standard. This certification gives assurance to the user that the ladder has been fully tested and is safe to use.

Check out our ranges of 2 section domestic extension ladders & 3 section domestic extension ladders below.

Domestic extension ladders

2 Section Domestic Ladders

199.00328.00 Plus vat

Domestic extension ladders

3 Section Domestic Ladders

249.00349.00 Plus vat

Before buying your ladder give some thought to these questions: is my house a standard size house? Is it a dormer bungalow? Does it have a high-rise gable end? Most houses require a ladder with a minimum height of 22 foot. If it’s a dormer or a modern detached or semi-detached house, you will need a ladder with a minimum height of 26 foot. If you have a deep soffit and fascia then you will need a ladder stand-off. Check out our accessories from the product menu or simply ask a member of staff for advice. If the ground around your house is uneven you will probably need a bottom stabilizer. Most of our ladders are already fitted with stabilizers but you can also purchase these as a separate item. When selecting your ladder, give some consideration to storage of the unit. You may need to buy a 3-section ladder instead of a 2-section. All our domestic ladders are fitted with section locks and are guaranteed for 3 years. We also repair ladders.