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Domestic extension ladders

Ladders are an essential part of the household tool kit.  They provide safety for window cleaning, painting or gutter cleaning. Like trade ladders, domestic [light trade] ladders should be certified to EN131-2 standard. This certification gives assurance to the user that the ladder has been fully tested and is safe to use.

Check out our ranges of 2 section domestic extension ladders & 3 section domestic extension ladders below.

Domestic extension ladders

2 Section Domestic Ladders

199.00328.00 Plus vat

Domestic extension ladders

3 Section Domestic Ladders

249.00349.00 Plus vat

At Dublin Ladders, we understand that every home is unique, and so are your ladder needs. Whether you're looking for a sturdy domestic step ladder for daily chores or a specialised ladder for home improvement projects, we've got you covered. Our extensive range of domestic ladders, crafted with the finest Irish materials, are designed to cater to every household's requirements. From simple tasks like changing a light bulb to more complex home renovations, our ladders ensure safety, reliability, and ease of use.

  • Versatility for Home Use: Our domestic step ladders are perfect for various home applications, from painting to attic access.
  • Safety First Design: With safety as our top priority, each ladder is constructed to prevent slips and falls, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Material Excellence: Choose from aluminium or fibreglass options, depending on your specific needs, especially when working near electrical hazards.
  • Convenient Sizes and Styles: Our range includes compact step ladders for easy storage and larger, robust designs for extensive home use.

Our Range Of Domestic Step Ladders

  1. Aluminium Domestic Step Ladders: Lightweight, durable, and perfect for everyday use.
  2. Fibreglass Step Ladders for Home: Ideal for electrical safety, non-conductive, and sturdy.
  3. Multi-Purpose Ladders: Flexible designs that adapt to various home tasks.
  4. Extension Ladders for Domestic Use: Extendable designs for reaching higher areas safely.
  5. Collapsible Step Ladders: Easy to store and ideal for small spaces.
  6. Platform Step Ladders: Stable and secure for tasks that require a bit more time.
  7. Loft Ladders: Safe and convenient access to loft spaces.
  8. Decorating Ladders: Ideal for painting and other home renovation tasks.
  9. Heavy-Duty Domestic Ladders: For more demanding home projects.

Why Choose Dublin Ladders?

  • Expert Advice: Not sure which ladder is right for you? Contact our team of ladder experts who can guide you to the perfect choice for your home.
  • Safety Standards: All our ladders meet the highest safety standards, including EN131 certification, giving you confidence in every step.
  • Customer Reviews: Read testimonials from satisfied customers who have improved their homes with our ladders.
  • DIY Guides and Tips: Explore our resources for safe and effective ladder use at home, including maintenance tips and DIY guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Dublin Ladders for domestic and home step ladders?

Dublin Ladders offers a comprehensive range of domestic ladders designed to cater to every household's unique needs. Our ladders are crafted with high-quality Irish materials, ensuring safety, reliability, and ease of use for various home applications.

What types of domestic step ladders does Dublin Ladders offer?

We provide a diverse selection of domestic step ladders, including lightweight aluminium step ladders, non-conductive fibreglass step ladders for electrical safety, multi-purpose ladders, extendable extension ladders, space-saving collapsible wide step ladders, stable platform step ladders, roof ladders for convenient access, decorating ladders for home renovation tasks, and heavy-duty domestic ladders for more demanding projects.

How does Dublin Ladders prioritise safety for its domestic ladders?

Safety is our top priority. Each domestic ladder from Dublin Ladders is designed with safety features to prevent slips and falls. We offer options in both aluminium and fibreglass to cater to specific needs, especially when working near electrical hazards.

Can Dublin Ladders provide expert advice on choosing the right ladder for my home?

Absolutely! If you're unsure which ladder suits your needs, our team of ladder experts is here to help. Contact us for personalised guidance to choose the perfect ladder for your home projects.

Do Dublin Ladders' products meet safety standards?

Yes, all our ladders meet the highest safety standards, including EN131 certification. You can trust our ladders to provide you with confidence and security with every step.

Are there customer reviews available for Dublin Ladders' domestic ladders?

Yes, you can read testimonials from satisfied customers who have improved their homes with our ladders. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into our product quality and performance.

Does Dublin Ladders offer resources for safe ladder use at home?

Yes, we provide DIY guides and tips on our website to help you use our ladders safely and effectively at home. These resources include maintenance tips and DIY guides to enhance your ladder usage experience.