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Buying the correct Industrial Roof Ladder is essential.  Your roof is probably the most dangerous part of your house to access.  It is critical to purchase a roof ladder which sits securely on the roof and is secured over the ridge tiles.  Our roof ladders are manufactured from crack-resistant aluminium and the rungs are double-secured for maximum safety.  The ridge hook has a generous 400mm drop hook which prevents the ladder from slipping away from the ridge tiles, regardless of the load We also fit our roof ladders with bearer bars. These bars keep the roof ladder risen 120mm above the roof tiles.

Industrial Roof Ladders

Single Section Roof Ladder

246.00455.00 Plus vat

Industrial Roof Ladders

Two Section Roof Ladders

278.00458.00 Plus vat

This has 2 functions: it prevents damage to your roof tiles and it provides enough space for a work-persons boot to fit comfortably and safely on the ladder. It is essential that the roof ladder suits the roof size. Therefore, you should always consider the following questions before your purchase: is it for a standard house? Do I need to use it for a dormer bungalow? Do I need a roof ladder which will suit all roof sizes? If you are a professional roofer then you will likely be working on several roof sizes. We would therefore also recommend an extending roof ladder. We carry all sizes of single and double extension roof ladders. These ladders are industrial quality and made for trades and industry. However, we also recommend these units for individual DIY enthusiasts because safety on the roof is so important