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Podium/Wide Platform Steps:
These steps are available in Aluminium and Glassfibre making them suitable for all trades. They are compulsory on most building sites because they provide a safe elevated working environment. They are equipped with a large platform, which will accommodate one tradesperson and some trade equipment, including power tools.
The operator closes himself into the platform area using a hand-operated bar. This eliminates accidental falls or possible collision with other items.

Podium/Wide Platform Steps

Aluminium Podium/wide Platform Steps

368.00655.00 Plus vat

Podium/Wide Platform Steps

Glassfibre Podium/wide Platform Steps

455.00725.00 Plus vat

Podium/Wide Platform Steps

XPOD Wide Podium Aluminium Steps

299.00630.00 Plus vat

Podium/Wide Platform Steps

XPODGF Wide Podium Glassfibre Steps

390.00699.00 Plus vat

The step units are fitted with rear wheels which only move when the operator lifts the front of the step. Top quality aluminium ensures long life durability and continuity of service; Non- conductive fibreglass protects the operator from high voltage currents. These items are always in stock. Delivery is normally 24-48 hours.