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These steps are available in Aluminium and Glassfibre making them suitable for all trades. They are compulsory on most building sites because they provide a safe elevated working environment. They are equipped with a large platform, which will accommodate one tradesperson and some trade equipment, including power tools.
The operator closes himself into the platform area using a hand-operated bar. This eliminates accidental falls or possible collision with other items.

Podium/Wide Platform Steps

Aluminium Podium/wide Platform Steps

395.00695.00 Plus vat

Podium/Wide Platform Steps

Glassfibre Podium/wide Platform Steps

475.00755.00 Plus vat

Podium/Wide Platform Steps

XPOD Wide Podium Aluminium Steps

339.00640.00 Plus vat

Podium/Wide Platform Steps

XPODGF Wide Podium Glassfibre Steps

399.00755.00 Plus vat

Discover the pinnacle of safety and functionality with Dublin Ladders' exclusive range of Podium/Wide Platform Steps. Crafted in the heart of Ireland, our steps are an epitome of quality and reliability. Whether you're a professional in the construction field, a retail worker, or require sturdy steps for industrial purposes, our products ensure maximum safety and efficiency. Our unique TuffTowers are a testament to our commitment to safety, having set a new standard in the ladder industry in 2023.

  • Irish Heritage: Proudly manufactured in Dublin, showcasing the finest Irish craftsmanship.
  • Safety First: All podium steps are designed with safety-compliance as a top priority.
  • Material Excellence: Choose from robust aluminium or non-conductive fibreglass materials.
  • Versatility for All Sectors: Ideal for commercial, industrial, and retail applications.
  • Innovative Design: Features like hand-operated safety bars and large platforms for secure and comfortable working.
  • Ready Availability: A diverse stock always on hand, ensuring prompt delivery within 24-48 hours.

Product List

  1. Aluminium Podium/Wide Platform Steps: Perfect blend of lightweight design and strength, priced between €368.00 – €655.00 Plus VAT.
  2. Glassfibre Podium/Wide Platform Steps: Ideal for electrical safety, available from €455.00 – €725.00 Plus VAT.
  3. XPOD and XPODGF Wide Podium Steps: Combining modern design with functionality, range between €299.00 – €778.00 Plus VAT.
For any after-hours requirements, please directly contact PJ Crawley Engineering Ltd for exceptional customer service. Remember, local deliveries within 15 kilometres are free, and we offer a capped nationwide delivery fee, potentially waived under certain conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in Dublin Ladders' Podium/Wide Platform Steps?

 Our podium and wide platform steps are available in two primary materials: robust aluminium for lightweight durability and non-conductive fibreglass, ideal for electrical safety.

 Are these steps suitable for commercial and industrial use?

 Absolutely! Our steps are designed for versatility, making them perfect for commercial, industrial, and retail settings. Their stability and safety features meet the rigorous demands of these environments.

 What safety features are included in these steps?

 Safety is our top priority. Our steps include hand-operated safety bars to prevent falls and collisions, and a spacious platform for secure and comfortable working. They comply with the latest safety standards for ladder manufacturing.

 How quickly can I expect delivery after placing an order?

 We pride ourselves on efficiency. For most in-stock items, we offer delivery within 24-48 hours. For specific delivery times based on your location, please contact us directly.

 Do you offer any customization options for the Podium/Wide Platform Steps?

 While our standard range covers a broad spectrum of needs, we're open to discussing custom solutions. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

 What are the price ranges for these steps?

 Our Aluminium Podium/Wide Platform Steps range from €368.00 to €655.00 Plus VAT, and our Glass Fibre steps range from €455.00 to €725.00 Plus VAT. Prices vary based on size and specifications.

 Is there a warranty or return policy for the Podium/Wide Platform Steps?

 Yes, we stand behind the quality of our products. For information on warranties and our return policy, please visit our Returns Policy page or contact our customer service.

 Do you provide after-hours collection service?

 We offer an after-hours collection service for added convenience. For more details or to arrange a collection, please contact us directly.

 Can these steps be used for electrical work?

 Yes, our Glassfibre Podium/Wide Platform Steps are non-conductive, making them safe and ideal for electrical work.

 Are there any discounts for bulk purchases?

 We value our business customers and may offer discounts for bulk orders. Please contact us directly to discuss bulk purchase options and pricing.